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Lamp+ is an integrative lighting service focusing on the well-being of the end user, to contribute to people’s well-being by means of lighting.

The integrative lighting projects we offer with the Lamp+ service follow the following phases:


An integrative lighting project is designed according to biological human needs, integrating the visual and non-visual effects of light, taking into account not only light’s visual impact, but also the emotional and biological effects that light has on people.

  • Physical, mental and emotional well-being.

  • Reconnection with nature: Synchronize with natural cycles of the human body.

  • Connect indoor areas with their surroundings by synchronizing artificial lighting with the dynamic character of natural lighting.

  • Create an atmosphere that connects with the emotions of users for a differentiated use experience.

  • Customizable and flexible light: A light for every moment.

  • Harmful emissions reduction (blue Hazard).

  • Development based on the principle of ecodesign and circular economy.

At Lamp we add value to each project by developing custom-made lighting solutions for each application. The co-creation service ranges from the adaptation of products already available in the catalogue to new special developments.



Dimensions, finishes, protection against saline environments, personalized serigraphy, installation systems or special anchoring.



Implementation of brightness and presence sensors, specific regulation and control protocols (Bluetooth, TRIAC, DALI, 1-10V, etc.), implementation of emergency batteries kits.




Special optics, light source with a different CRI than the standard, implementation of LED types with specific color rendering curves to boost the colors that are relevant for the project, selection of specific color temperatures, tunable white.

For example, new technical specifications for custom-made products, results of laboratory tests, plans, 3D images, technical documentation translated into different languages than standard ones, etc.

Beyond adaptations of existing products, we develop new products to achieve a specific lighting solution for a particular project.


More than 48% of our turnover are custom made developments.

We confirm the viability of your project within no more than 24 hours after receiving the technical requirements in your request.

If you would like us to evaluate the solution to your project, please contact us here.

Check out some of the projects with special implementations.



To add value is to have answers

Understanding, designing and providing solutions. When a project is made-to-measure, it's not the complexity that is amplified, but the challenge. While the variables are multiplied, so are the answers. This is why each finished project never resembles the one that came before it nor the one that comes after. At Lamp, challenges are our passion.

Our goal is to find a lighting solution in the size and shape of your needs, and to develop it from the start to the end of the process. We offer you our commitment to design and engineering, awareness for creative innovation and attitude and ongoing implication at each stage. This is how we see consultancy.

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