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We advise, we design, we produce and make your technical lighting projects possible. For more than 45 years, Lamp has maintained its essential commitment: to bring to life functional and customized solutions for our customers’ lighting challenges, adapted to any architectural project around the world.
Lamp is work and attitude, we are Worktitude for Light.

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We conceive lighting as a key element for improving the well-being of people, analyzing the visual and nonvisual effects of light.
We believe that light is born in every luminaire, but lives in the space it illuminates and in the person who works or lives there. Whether it is a product or a project, we build on and for users, taking into account the physical characteristics of the space and the kind of tasks that will be carried out there.
We are committed to honesty, durability, responsibility, and suitability.

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We promote and develop innovative projects oriented towards cross-sectional and constant improvement, understanding that innovation is a systemic and systematic process.
We anticipate the needs of architects, lighting designers, engineers, and interior designers to make their projects come true and provide the future with light, creating lighting solutions that respond to new lifestyles.

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We foster the development of projects that have a positive impact on the environment and promote a more sustainable lighting industry.
We believe that bringing a space to life requires the shared effort of many businesses and professionals working responsibly with the purpose of reducing the environmental impact along the entire value chain. We do our bit by providing realistic, efficient, and sustainable solutions aligned with the current climate situation.

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