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This was our 50th anniversary party here at Lamp!

  • On the 17th June, we celebrated Lamp's 50th anniversary as a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing lighting solutions, and we did so with a party that was mainly a tribute to the company's greatest asset: the people who are, and have been, a part of it.

Lamp's 50th anniversary party was celebrated by both active workers, some with decades of experience in the company, and others who have retired but whom we still consider to be part of this small, but special family that Lamp has become over these decades.

This special evening, which took place in our home town of Terrassa, took a look back over five decades of history that have only been made possible thanks to each and every one of the people who have been a part of Lamp’s history, and their ability to adapt and get involved in our company. We used this opportunity to recognize how valuable our team is to us, and to demonstrate our desire to continue to move forward and take on new challenges.

Worktitude For Light, Worktitude For You

Lamp has been a growing and evolving project, thanks to the work and effort of many people who have got on board and identified with the family essence that defines how our company was created.

The origins of Lamp go back to the small family business of selling light bulbs and basic electrical equipment that started at the beginning of the 20th century in Terrassa. Since then, four generations of the Cusidó family have been part of this project and, in essence, they are still committed to the same cause: improving people's lives through lighting.

Throughout its history, several events have brought great challenges and, at the same time, great opportunities for the company, such as the industrialization process that has turned manufacturing into one of Lamp's core growth areas. To that, we can add the generational changeover that led the company's global expansion - founding three more factories in Colombia, Chile and Chile, in addition to the one located in HQ Terrassa - and the revolution brought about by the introduction of LED technology into the world of lighting.

Despite all these changes and transformations that the company has undergone, there is one characteristic feature of Lamp that has remained intact and has even been reinforced over the years: the fact that Lamp is a team project. This ethos of placing value on people, which has become the very core of Lamp's philosophy, has also been reflected in what we do. Our approach in the workplace, where sustainability, people's well-being, and the desire for constant innovation are paramount, is now not only our corporate culture, but is also the way we understand the whole lighting culture.

Lamp’s 50th anniversary party


The Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, in Terrassa, was the venue we chose to celebrate Lamp's 50th anniversary. Naturally, we invited the whole family - Lamp's current and former employees. Our teams from Mexico, Colombia, Chile and the Middle East were also able to attend the event virtually via live streaming.

The event was attended by the founder and president of the company, Ignasi Cusidó Senior, who was joined by the current CEO of the company, Ignasi Cusidó, and our HR director, Marta Puigdengolas. We honored and acknowledged several employees, both new recruits as well as people who were marking their own special milestones in the company.

In addition to publicly and expressly recognizing our greatest asset, our human team, we watched a video that compiled testimonies from different employees. People from all departments, and seniority within the company, spoke about the origins of the company, the changes that have occurred over time, and their varied experiences while working here, highlighting the values that define us: communication, collaboration and the commitment of everyone involved in Lamp.

After the official proceedings, Lamp's big 50th anniversary party began: Worktitude For Light, Worktitude For You.

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