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LAMP launches in the USA at the international lighting trade fair LightFair

  • LAMP is presenting itself to the North American market with its appearance at the international LightFair 2023, the region's largest lighting design trade fair and convention, which will be held in New York from 23rd to 25th May, in conjunction with EXPERIENCE BRANDS.

  • As well as showcasing their lighting solutions, LAMP, together with EXPERIENCE BRANDS, will also take part in the IALD Immersive Experience, designed by One Lux Studio, which will focus on the circular economy using Stormbell 80 luminaires designed by Artec Studio and made from recycled cork.

Terrassa, 16th May 2023. The lighting company LAMP will attend the next edition of the LightFair convention and trade fair, an international point of reference in the sector. It is organized by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), among others. This will be the first time that LAMP has appeared at this fair, which is hosted in New York, a commercial, social, academic, and international hub for lighting design.

Attendance at North America's largest lighting trade fair is an excellent opportunity to further expand LAMP's extensive international presence by adding a new key market.

See Immersive Booth Page featured at LightFair

Lightfair banner

LAMP's attendance at LightFair 2023

Although the conferences will begin on the 21st, the LightFair 2023 itself, which will become a two-yearly event, will start on the 23rd. For two days, the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York will transform itself into a venue for networking, business, learning, and exchanging experiences in lighting design.

As a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), LAMP's stand will be located at Booth 2639 in the Collective Pavilion. The company will be represented by its CEO, Ignasi Cusidó, and Fernando Monge, International Sales Manager. Among the products that LAMP will be exhibiting are luminaires from the Lamptub 60, Stormbell 80, Hance, Mundark, Kombic, LUP, B-Side, Shot and Urban 100 families, all of which will be CSA-certified this year.

In addition, LAMP has been one of seven companies specifically selected by the IALD to collaborate in the IALD Immersive Experience, a new "event within the event" in which different teams will present immersive lighting experiences centred around the theme of the circular economy.

stormbell 80 materials

Stormbell 80 will breathe life into the experience created by One Lux Studio


LAMP will assist in the installation of an artistic creation by the well-known lighting designer Jack Bailey and his team from the New York studio One Lux Studio. For this experience, the brand will provide 58 Stormbell 80 rCork (recycled cork) hoods, made from 2320 cork stoppers.

Cork is a completely natural material with excellent properties for manufacturing luminaires. It is resistant, lightweight, an excellent acoustic and anti-vibration insulator, waterproof, odorless, and very malleable, among other qualities. In keeping with the theme of the installation, the Stormbell 80 hoods, made from 95% recycled cork, promote the circular economy with an infinitely recyclable material that is also capable of absorbing CO₂. It doesn't destroy the ecosystem it is obtained from, as it is extracted by stripping the bark, without the need to fell trees.

A winning team will be chosen out of all the participants in this international IALD event on circular economy, and will be announced on May 23rd.

All about LAMP


LAMP has been combining passion, pragmatism, commitment, and innovation in order to meet its customers' requirements. After more than 50 years of experience and 600,000 luminaires marketed, nowadays, thanks to its sizeable team of technicians, engineers, and designers, LAMP is creating lighting solutions that reflect and adapt to new ways of life, providing well-being through quality lighting and creating a positive impact both on people and on the environment.

LAMP is a company with a long industrial tradition, whose HQ is located in Terrassa, Barcelona (Spain). It is present in more than 70 countries through its international sales offices and three factories located in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, and seeks to meet the lighting challenges of its customers with a reliable and tailor-made solution for all types of architectural projects around the world.

Lamp stands for work and attitude, and is summed up with the phrase Worktitude for Light.

Further information can be requested using the contact section on our website.






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